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We are actively on the lookout for bright students and post-docs to join our group and always have open positions! For joining the lab, pre-requisites are (i) strong background in computer science algorithms, data structures, and (ii) programming experience. Prior experience in multi-disciplinary research is a plus.

Prospective graduate students

Masters and PhD admissions happen based on the procedures setup by IISc. This process also involves interview with the Computational and Data Sciences department. Occasionally, we also recruit PhD students through the Interdisciplinary Mathematical Sciences program. You can also view the presentation slides which we used to introduce our lab to prospective students in May 2023. If you have any questions about the admission process, or our lab in general, you can email the PI.

Prospective research staff or post-doctoral researchers

Please write to the PI to discuss possibilities. In your email, please specify your background, specific papers or projects that interest you, and a timeline (e.g., ideal start date, intended period of stay). We typically expect commitment to work of at least an year. Applications for either remote work or summer or winter internships are not considered.

Fellowship opportunities

A number of fellowship opportunities regularly open up for students and postdocs. See a few examples below: